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Haitham Abdel Fattah
Professional Photography

Haitham Abdel Fattah was born on September 22nd, 1972 and raised in UAE. He went to Faculty of Applied Arts majoring in Graphic Design. After graduating he worked for 10 years as a graphic designer and photographer, until becoming a creative director for one of the biggest multinational advertising agencies.
Driven by his passion for photography, he started pursuing and developing this career in 1994 shortly after his graduation project (Arabian horses) which reflects his passion for both photography and horses with his first Kodak camera;
‘’whenever I feel down and I start to lose hope, I go far away with my camera seeking nature as I derive my inspiration from a color scheme created by nature and I feel a near success’’ –Haitham AbdelFattah
Haitham always had an eye for details and a desire to create photos that delivered visual and emotional impact; he co-founded HA Studio for photography in 2005, with the hopes of bringing a unique experience to the field.
He has attended various training classes over the years with the most experienced professional photographers who have helped Haitham hone his photography skills. Although he teaches photography from time to time for beginners and professionals as well,
His portfolio currently varies from fashion photography, cars, industry, travel, and a lot of other categories.

HA Studio
Haitham Abdel Fattah

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